Summary and Sample

~~The Comet Knight~~

Expelled from the Kingdom. Sent to the earth below. A foreign land, for his taking.
“The knight reached up with his free hand, and clutched a tuft of chest hair as the rider tried to pass. He held on to the man, as the horse continued alone. The unmounted rider’s feet kicked free in the air as the knight decided which of his staggering companions he would be thrown at. The crack of breaking bone sounded out as the man was projected into a fleeing, unarmed lancer.”

~~The Merchant and The Minstrel~~

One is pursuing a legendary quest, and the other is forced along. They travel a reverted after-world, just managing another step.
“The captain’s original crew had stayed on for two days. They had conspired their own escape, and subtlety drifted the ship down to steer it past over the wide Lavoy River. It was early evening when the crankers’ call came. On their cue, they dashed from their posts, climbed down dropped ropes and ladders, and dove into the slow, deep waters.”

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